Bell Park Manor-Terrace Storage

Bell Park Manor-Terrace Storage Lockers 

There are six (6) buildings, which house storage lockers, available to rent for $50.00 a month, on Bell Park property.  These storage bins are owned and operated by the Co-Op.  The locations of these rooms are:

·        Bldg. #3 – 225-01 Hillside Ave. – Bargold Room #A

·        Bldg. #18 – 86-25 Springfield Blvd. – Bargold Room #B

·        Bldg. #22 – 223-01 Manor Rd. – Bargold Room #C

·        Bldg. #25 – 224-15 Manor Rd.- Bargold Room #D    

·        Bldg. #41 – 225-05 88th Ave. – Bargold Room #E

·        Bldg. #47 – 227-02 Hillside Ave. – Bargold Room #F

 For more information regarding rental of a storage unit please contact the Management Office at 718-465-6070.


Fully Enclosed Storage Units for Rent

For information on renting a unit please call the Management Office at (718) 465-6070

Fully enclosed
5 x 6 – 7 X 5’3 – 6’ High

Approximately 30-35 Square Feet
$50.00 a month
Fully enclosed individual, steel storage units. This installation gives you the amenity of having an on-site facility where you will have access to your storage room. Upon signing up for your room, you will receive a key to the main door of the storage room and your storage unit would be secured with your own padlock. These units will be available for rental on a month-to-month basis. Each unit comes complete with a sliding steel bolt lock, a chrome hanging rod, and a fire resistant raised floor.