About Bell Park

The Co-Op

United Veterans Mutual Housing Company, Inc., a.k.a. Bell Park Manor Terrace is a two story, garden apartment cooperative development built in 1951 as cooperative housing for veterans only.  In August 1990 the corporation went private and residents were no longer required to be veterans. All residents (shareholders) own shares in the corporation and are strongly encouraged to be involved in the community.  All shareholders must occupy their apartments, subletting is strictly prohibited.

No cats, dogs, or other pets, except fish and caged birds are allowed to be kept or harbored on the property.   

Bell Park Manor Terrace sits on 47 acres, has 50 Buildings, and 850 apartments.  The 850 units are comprised of 18 - 3 ½ rooms apartments, 414 - 4 ½ room, 156 – 5 rooms, 142 – duplexes and 120 – 6 rooms. The property is located on Manor Road, Hillside Avenue, 229th Street, Springfield Boulevard, Stronghurst Avenue, Braddock Avenue, 88th Avenue, 87th Avenue and 231 Street.

The Co-Op is located in School District #26.

Along with street parking there is also 266 outdoor assigned parking spaces and 333 garages for a minimal monthly fee.  For further information regarding rental of outdoor parking spaces/garages please contact the Management Office.

Heat, hot water and cooking gas are included in the maintenance charges; the electric is sub-metered by Bay City Electric and is billed along with your monthly maintenance statement.

The Co-Op is serviced by Spectrum and Verizon FIOS. Residents may choose from the two providers. 

There are twelve (12) boiler rooms, which provide heat and hot water to the apartments, seven (7) newly renovated laundry rooms, ten (10) garbage rooms, and six (6) storage rooms owned and operated by the Co-Op. 

We have an independent Security Company, which patrols the property 12 hours daily; daytime and evening. 

We employ the services of professional landscapers.  They are responsible for cutting, edging and raking the lawns, trimming the shrubs, and regular cleaning and disposal of the leaves.  We encourage residents to plant flower gardens.

The Co-Op offers the services of an exterminator. If you need the services of the exterminator please contact the Management Office or the Maintenance Department for an appointment. 

If you intend to do work in your apartment you must submit a completed and signed Alteration Agreement to the Management Office, which must be approved by the Board of Directors,  as to the type of work you will be doing and the contractors license and insurance certificate. Department of Building permits may also be required.  You must call the Superintendent in the Maintenance Department for an inspection prior to, during and after any work is completed.